Justin Bieber asks Trump to 'let those kids out of cages'

Justin Bieber has told US President Donald Trump that while he works on gaining a prison-release for rapper A$AP Rocky, he should also let migrant "kids out of cages".

While Bieber declared his support for Trump's quest to get A$AP Rocky out of a Swedish jail, he couldn't help but compare the situation to the way Trump is managing his country's southern border with Mexico.

Trump has spent the majority of his term as President cracking down on immigration from the Mexican border, detaining asylum seekers and illegal border-crossers in camps and facilities that often house people in large cages.

Bieber chose this moment in time, with the President's eyes firmly set on the world of celebrity, to voice his opinion on the issue.

"I want my friend out. I appreciate you trying to help him. But while you're at it can you also let those kids out of cages?," Bieber tweeted on Saturday.

The tweet has since been liked 645,000 times, but has also attracted huge amount of disparaging comments from Twitter users.

"Maybe the parents shouldn't have brought them here illegally. You worry about Canada, let us worry about America," one user replied.

"Are you wanting your pervy friends in the entertainment business to get a hold of those kids? Better supervised than trafficked," another added.

However, not all comments were of the negative variety - a rare show of support read: "And just like that I have forgiven Justin Bieber for the entire last decade."

A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, was detained on July 3 along with his bodyguard and two other members of his entourage in connection with a fight in a Stockholm city-centre street in the early hours of June 30.

The artist has denied the assault accusation and Trump's wife Melania has personally asked the President to intervene in obtaining the rapper's release.


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