Keanu Reeves' small act of kindness for a big fan

The moment was captured and posted to Twitter.
The moment was captured and posted to Twitter. Photo credit: Twitter/Ed Solomon

Keanu Reeves has done it again, performing yet another small act of kindness.

The actor stopped in on a fan on his way to a film set in Louisiana on Wednesday (local time). A local woman, Stacey Hunt, heard Reeves was filming the third installment in the Bill and Ted franchise close to her home. 

Her son Ethan, 16, suggested creating a poster to welcome Reeves to the neighbourhood.

In reference to Reeves' June appearance at the E3 gaming conference, Hunt made a sign saying, "you're breathtaking!" The actor had a meme-worthy moment after describing everyone in the conference audience as "breathtaking".

Reeves spotted the sign only a few hours later while travelling to the film set, and got out of the car to admire Hunt's handiwork.

Hunt, keeping watch on her driveway, ran up to Reeves and requested an autograph, 7News reports.

Bill and Ted screenwriter Ed Soloman captured the candid moment when Reeves bent down on the lawn and wrote, "Stacey, you're breathtaking!" on her poster.

He also posed for a photo with Hunt and her two sons.

Keanu, that was truly breathtaking.


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