Kim Crossman on why Kiwi sitcom Golden Boy is a relief from Trump's America

Kim Crossman plays Lisa on Golden Boy.
Kim Crossman plays Lisa on Golden Boy. Photo credit: Supplied

This is the third instalment of a Newshub Q&A series with influential Kiwis who are making their mark on the world. 

Kim Crossman says her new Kiwi acting role is a relief from the political unrest of Donald Trump's America. 

The actress, who has been living and working in LA, is starring in Golden Boy, which tells the story of recent graduate Mitch, who after a minor breakdown moves back to her hometown.

Crossman, who plays Lisa Leitzenheimer, told Newshub she is glad to be back around her family and have a break from the US. 

What's it like living in LA?

I really like it. It has been nice this year to be home a little bit more, just to be closer to family and stuff, but I really like the States. 

It's politically not a very nice place to be, but in terms of the work and the environment, I really enjoy it. 

It's [LA] a tough place to live at the moment given the country itself, everyone is just so angry and there is such political unrest that it's nice to be home.

Do you feel like you're in the middle of the political unrest?

I think it's more that it's hard to escape. Most people in LA, especially in the industry, are creative and more liberal-minded. That doesn't change the fact that every second day the President is doing something ridiculous and horrible. It permeates every conversation you have, so I think now that we are two years in it's quite exhausting. 

Do you prefer working in NZ or overseas?

Both for different reasons. I was just working on a Netflix show in the States with Dennis Quaid and that was awesome. 

I think honestly, I just really love what I do. I'm a worrier by nature, I'm always thinking 10 steps ahead or 10 steps behind but acting is all about the moments between action and cut. There is nowhere else I need to be present and it is really quite a euphoric feeling.

You called Golden Boy your best work, why? 

I did. I just think that I work hard, I've been pursuing this for a long time and I try to make every job better than the next.

I felt confident and was around really, really good, funny people, which means that you elevate your performance and your work ethic to match those around you and I had fun.

Do you think Golden Boy is something that every Kiwi from a small town can relate to?

I think so but also I think people will be like, "oh I'm not like that, that's a different small town". 

I think it's an opportunity for Kiwis to laugh at themselves or laugh at family members because there are so many different characters. You all know someone or have heard of someone like that.

That's what the writers have done a really good job at and creating a lot of humour as well.

Do you think the work environment is one of the main differences from working in NZ versus overseas? 

I think it is that. I think it's probably embedded in us and this idea that we are a little bit anti-hierarchy, whereas the States is all about that. 

As I have been working for longer and longer, I know that I am attracted to this idea that we are all a team and we are all in this together and no one is more important than anyone else. Whereas, not to bag the States, but it's just very different. There is a person who created the show and it's their way or the highway. 

Acting can be a pretty tough industry, have you had any bad experiences?

It is a tough industry. It's tough for emotional reasons and it's very unpredictable.

I think working in the States and seeing people acting out of ego and this idea that someone is a star and people have to act a certain way around them to me is really interesting. 

If someone is throwing a hissy fit or being dramatic about something that doesn't really matter or having a go at someone who maybe is deemed less important, that has never sat comfortably with me. 

Do you still think of NZ as home? 

One hundred percent. Without a doubt. I don't know any New Zealander who would answer that question differently.

I know we have our stuff, but we are very lucky to be from here and have grown up here and have New Zealand as a little nest to come back to. 

Golden Boy airs on Tuesday at 9pm on Three and on-demand on ThreeNow. 


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