Kiwi comedian Angella Dravid says she enjoyed prison time after assaulting ex

Kiwi comedian Angella Dravid has spoken frankly about her time in prison in the UK, claiming she "really enjoyed" the experience. 

Appearing on The F*ck Up Files podcast hosted by The Rock's Jim Cawthorn, Dravid didn't hold back when sharing how she found herself behind bars. 

"When I was 19 I ran away from my family, to meet this man I met in an internet chat room," she said. 

Cawthorn then suggested that the man she went on to marry turned out to be a "total douchebag". 

"Oh, I think I was the douchebag," Dravid countered. 

"I attacked him and then I dared him to call the police, and he did. That took me by surprise. I ended up being imprisoned for two months," she explained. 

The Billy T Award winner said she assaulted her former partner with a photograph of his ex-wife - a move "no one expected" from her. 

Dravid said her time in jail was far from a negative experience. 

"I really enjoyed prison. I don't know, I felt like I met nicer people, who came from similar backgrounds," she explained. 

"It was probably the first time I met another brown person in Brighton.

The former Jono and Ben star said she thought her young age worked in her favour at the time, with other inmates treating her like a "daughter or sister". 

Eventually, Dravid was granted bail to a halfway house. 

"I asked the warden if I could stay," she said. 

"Being in the paddy wagon was the start of a road trip movie for me. It was just really exciting," she added. 

The F*ck Up Files podcast, which can be streamed via Rova, sees Cawthorn discuss various "screw-ups" he's made throughout his life with his producer Ryan and a range of famous guests. 


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