Love Island USA's first ever cast revealed

If you're already fretting about what on earth will become of your life once Love Island UK is over, never fear - the US version is here.

Well, technically, it's still on the way. Thankfully, to sate our appetites in the meantime, the brand new cast has been announced for us to feast our eyes on.

Here are the 12 singles who will be looking to couple up on the infamous reality show's debut American season:

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Kyra Green.
Photo credit: CBS

Kyra Green

Age: 22
Occupation: Musician

Kyra's biggest turn off is someone who's "too cocky", and would love to find someone who can simply make her laugh.

As well as searching for fame with her band 212, she's looking for love - more specifically, someone she can one day volunteer with at her favourite charities.

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Michael Yi.

Michael Yi

Age: 29
Occupation: Model

Michael says he's loyal, kind-hearted, and funny, and a vegan.

Of his dating style, the Miami model says: "There will never be a boring time with me."

When he's not cooking for the women he dates, he's skateboarding, making music and working out.

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Alana Morrison.
Photo credit: CBS

Alana Morrison

Age: 21
Occupation:  College Student

Alana says she's never been in a serious relationship, and has decided Love Island USA is the perfect place to change that for good. 

The Africana studies major is looking for an adventurous, ambitious man, but it's important he has "minimal facial hair".

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Yamen Sanders.
Photo credit: CBS

Yamen Sanders

Age: 24
Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Yamen had a short stint playing in the NFL before moving to LA to get into real estate.

As to why he's still single, the former college football star says: "I haven't found anyone that interests me enough to completely settle down for."

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Alexandra Stewart.
Photo credit: CBS

Alexandra Stewart

Age: 25
Occupation: Publicist

Self-confessed tomboy Alexandra says: "I know who I am and am ready to find someone who is serious about dating."

She's got a soft spot for tattoos, smelly cheeses and belting out Taylor Swift.

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Cashel Barnett.
Photo credit: CBS

Cashel Barnett

Age: 27
Occupation: Model

Keen snowboarder and skier Cashel has already bought a wedding ring for his future wife, he's just waiting for 'the one' to give it to.

The model and musician says he's never used a dating app, preferring the old school approach to dating… such as appearing on a reality TV show.

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Caroline Viehweg.
Photo credit: CBS

Caroline 'Caro' Viehweg

Age: 21
Occupation: Marketing Student

Caro's fluent in three languages and is keen to find someone who wants to travel the world with her before settling down to start a family.

The globe-trotting student has lived in six different countries, and is on the hunt for a tall, smart man who's also "spiritual and authentic".

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Weston Richie.
Photo credit: CBS

Weston Richie

Age: 25
Occupation: Photographer

Weston's dream girl has "dark hair and dark eyes and a great body", but a beautiful smile is usually what makes him fall hook, line, and sinker.

The Southern gentleman claims to be just as good with a hammer as he is with a camera, having previously worked in construction before moving to photography.

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Elizabeth Weber.
Photo credit: CBS

Elizabeth Weber

Age: 24
Occupation: Advertising Exec

Elizabeth's life motto is: "If it is something you want bad enough, then do everything you can to achieve it. Don't let things hold you back and don't be afraid to go after the things you want."

One of three sisters, Elizabeth moved from small town Michigan to New York City, but has grown tired of dating apps, so next stop: Love Island USA.

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Zac Mirabelli.
Photo credit: CBS

Zac Mirabelli

Age: 22
Occupations: Grocery Store Cashier

Family man Zac is looking for a loving wife to build a family and watch romantic comedies with.

According to Zac: "The best part about being in a relationship is having someone by your side you can count on. Having experiences in life are always enjoyable, but it is even more enjoyable with a counterpart."

Love Island USA 2019 cast: Mallory Santic.
Photo credit: CBS

Mallory Santic

Age: 25
Occupation: Nike Analyst

Mallory says her favourite holiday has always been Valentine's Day because of her love of receiving cards and candy.

The mermaid-obsessed Washington State graduate says her celeb crush is John Mayer, saying he "is the perfect man because he is intelligent, talented, and sooooo sexy."

Love Island USA will be coming to Three and ThreeNow later this year.

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