MAFS AU bride Lizzie Sobinoff gives middle finger to body-shamers in angry lingerie photo

Married At First Sight Australia star Lizzie Sobinoff has taken aim at body-shamers with an Instagram post in which she adorned her body with names she'd been called.

The former reality TV bride uploaded the snap of herself in her underwear with the words 'thin' and 'thick' written on her stomach - albeit with a couple of crucial letters around the wrong way. 

Sobinoff, who's post-MAFS weight loss has garnered attention online, appeared to have had enough of comments about her new look. 

"Been called fat, been called flabby, been told I'm promoting anorexia, been told I must of had weight loss surgery," she captioned the snap, in which she's pulling the fingers at the camera. 

"Been told my ass is too big and my thighs as well (thick thighs save lives) my top too little. Then I get told I've lost my curves, trying to indicate I've lost my soul."

During her stint on the controversial show, Sobinoff's 'husband' Sam went on to cheat on her with fellow castmate Innes Basic, but not before he dubbed his wife a 'bigger girl' on their wedding day. 

"We all have different bodies. As individuals, our bodies work differently; I'm open about how mine does," said Sobinoff.

"Loving your bodies, through thick and thin (pun definitely intended)." 

Acknowledging her oversight in writing the word 'thick', Sobinoff added: "Yes the 'C' and the 'K' are backwards but I'm not going to change it because I'm human and I mess up, but hey."