Magda Szubanski and Israel Folau make peace after Twitter feud

Australian actress Magda Szubanski and Israel Folau seem to have made peace after an onslaught of ugly online attacks were launched against the Kath & Kim star.

Last week Szubanski launched a rival GoFundMe page after Folau's was removed. Her page was called "For Love" and it aimed to raise $500,000 for charity.

"We would like to have a response to Israel Folau that's not combative," she said on The Project Australia.

"It's an interfaith group; it's comprised of Catholics, Muslims, Jews, atheists and LGBTQI people."

Szubanski became the target of a barrage of hatred on Twitter for her efforts - but on Sunday Folau called for an end to the madness.

"Please stop the anonymous online attacks on [Magda Szubanski] who has entered this debate very respectfully. She is entitled to express her views - let's all have this important discussion with love in our hearts." 

Szubanski replied, saying she hoped the same for Folau and his wife, Kiwi netball star Maria Folau.


Szubanski said on The Project ten percent of the money would go towards the charity she patrons, Twenty10, which supports children who are kicked out of home for their sexuality. 

The remaining 90 percent will go to the Children's Cancer Foundation.