Mariah Carey puts her own spin on the Internet's new bottle cap challenge

Iconic diva Mariah Carey has impressed her Instagram followers with her take on the Internet's newest challenge.

The pop star took part in the Bottle Cap Challenge on Monday, but with a twist. The aim of the challenge is to kick the cap of a bottle off the neck without knocking the bottle over but Carey took it one step further

In a video posted to Instagram the 49-year-old faces off against a wine bottle. 

After a few vague karate chop like movements the star hits an ear-splittingly high note and the lid of the wine bottle flies off.

As talented as Carey is, she's not able to defy the laws of physics. Although she doesn't reveal exactly how the stunt was performed, it's clear the singer's voice wasn't the cause of the bottle lid going flying.

Comments on the post are impressed with Carey's twist on the popular internet challenge. 

Carey's ex-husband Nick Canon commented saying it was "hilarious," and actress 

Ruby Rose wrote "This is what they call a win."

Her post has over 28,000 comments. 

Carey is the latest in a long line of celebrities to attempt the challenge. Actor Jason Statham, musicians John Mayer and Ellie Goulding and music producer Diplo have all given the challenge a go.