Mark Richardson reveals his 'Pitbull' glasses on The AM Show

Mark Richardson was struggling to read on The AM Show on Wednesday morning, and he used it as the perfect opportunity to reveal his "Pitbull" glasses.

Richardson was reading the 6am sports bulletin, when he conceded the glasses he was originally wearing weren't working.

"I'll give these ones a go," he said as he whipped out another. "Oh, that's better!"

Host Ryan Bridge described them as the sort of glasses that American rapper 'Pitbull' would wear.

"Well I've got two types," Richardson said. "Because I need glasses for reading up close, but they didn't work.

"My sunglasses are like the ones I can use for the far vision, and they definitely improved it."

News reader Amanda Gillies said the first thing she thought of was the sunglass-wearing smartphone emoji.

3D Rendering cool emoji with sunglass isolated on white background.
Photo credit: Getty

"They are big, black, dark-rimmed sunglasses," Bridge said. "Are we going to have these for the whole day?"

Richardson said he's felt "out of form" the past few days.

"I just can't take you seriously," Gillies said.

In other Richardson news, he was roasted by The Rock's Morning Rumble host Andrew Mulligan on Tuesday night.

In an Instagram post, Mulligan posted an unedited photo of Richardson saying "This FaceApp age thing is no good".

The app allows mobile users to change their face to appear older.


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