Mark Richardson 'walks off' The AM Show, twice

Mark Richardson walked off set on The AM Show twice on Friday morning, joking it was clear its time for him to go.

Richardson was the only regular member of The AM Show's crew on air on Friday, with Ryan Bridge in for Duncan Garner and Nadine Higgins in for Amanda Gillies.

The group was discussing the world's growing population during the daily panel segment when Richardson made his first exit after Bridge pointed out an inuit tradition when elders leave the group.

"The elderly in the group will literally walk off into the snow and not come back, they sacrifice themselves for the good of the group," Bridge said.

Panellists Michelle Pickles and Mike Lightfoot both said they couldn't imagine doing that, but Richardson was already on his way out.

"I hear what you're saying," he said, before standing up and walking out of the studio, passing by in front of the camera on the way out.

Richardson was back in time for Kate Rodger's review of The Lion King, but during discussions of how realistic the animals look he joked he should leave again, after he was made fun of.

He made good on the suggestion though, wandering off for the second time in an hour.