Multi-talented Kiwi singer relases her first solo single

Tijay’s first solo single is colorful, fun and fresh.

It’s called ‘Better off’, and artist Tiffany Clayton says she’s more than stoked with it.

Clayton’s best friend, husband and sister gave their creative input. Her husband even popped up as a backup dancer in the music video.

But no one had a larger hand in the song than Kiwi music legend Vince Harder, who produced Better Off.

They started working on the track last year. After the first recording session Clayton says she, “literally skipped up to the car”, with a big grin on her face.

As well as making music she’s a florist, loves to paint, make pottery and earrings.

Her small business ARWM has taken off, with the likes of Kimbra and Hayley from Paramore wearing the earrings on stage.

“Music is definitely my most favourite creative space to be in but it all flows into one another”, Tiffany Clayton says.

She’s just released new merchandise to promote the song. Instead of plastering the name of the single all over the new bright hoodies, a local artist designed messages of something you are better off without.

The pictures depict comical messages like you are better off without prickles, being ghosted, recommended portion sizes and sugar in your coffee.

The song has a serious side too, “it’s calling out people to know their worth and know what they deserve and how they deserve to be treated.”

She wants people to understand, “that if they’re in a space where they’re not being treated the way they deserve to be treated to be empowered to leave that situation.”

“Being able to work with Timon Martin and Vince Harder have been two of the most incredible highlights to date.”



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