Review: Booksmart is probably the best comedy of 2019

There's a very good chance Booksmart will be the best comedy of 2019.

It's absolutely brilliant, injecting fresh energy and surprising originality into what is one of the most overused comedy set-ups - a few mates trying to have their wildest ever night out.

Olivia Wilde landed a great script and a great cast for her directorial debut, with the two leads sharing awesome chemistry.

On top of that, she's layered solid cinematography and hit on countless masterful moments of comedic timing in the edit.

It's non-stop hilarious, but also very smart and supremely contemporary.

Some people are talking a lot about how "woke" the film is for having lots of different races and sexualities in it, but it doesn't make a big deal out of any of that stuff and it shouldn't be a big deal - it just means it's more representative of the real world instead of being representative of other Hollywood movies.

Thankfully, there's no lecturing the audience or trying to give some serious sentimental message like other misguided comedies do. Booksmart is definitely an ode to friendship, but the moving moments that are serious are well earned and well-executed. 

Like everything else in this movie.

The only thing negative I can say is that some of the jokes don't quite work - in particular, a tripping Barbie scene. But even that is enjoyable, as the lowest point in what is a stunningly great comedy.

Five stars.


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