'She's my forever': More FM's Lana Searle shares romantic proposal story

More FM host Lana Searle has shared the details of the moment her girlfriend surprised her with a romantic proposal. 

The newly engaged broadcaster said she could tell something was up with her partner Katie Cochrane before she popped the big question. 

"She was not quite herself, and she was a bit nervous and anxious," Searle said of her other half, who suggested they visit her hometown beach.  

"Every memory I have as a child, every awesome thing that's ever happened in my life happened at this beach called Glinks Gully," Searle explained. 

The pair waded out into the surf to "check the water", but Cochrane had other plans. 

"She just held my hands and looked at me - you know when you just have that moment where you go 'ohhh'. I almost got tunnel vision," Searle said. 

"She started doing this beautiful speech, that she'd remembered word for word. The next thing you know, she's got down on her knees in the water, she's in the surf." 

Searle said she happily accepted after Cochrane asked her to "do her the honour of being her wife". 

The couple's friend captured the milestone moment from the beach as the pair frolicked in the surf in photos uploaded to social media. 

"She is my forever. We haven't been together for decades, but we've been through a lot." 

Searle recalled how Cochrane had stood by her last year when she was forced to temporarily leave her job to get a hysterectomy. 

"It was the most beautiful moment of my life and I'm just so grateful and I can't wait to do forever with her," she concluded. 


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