Snoop Dogg tricked into thinking he got high with Kurt Cobain with doctored photo

Ultimate joker, smoker and midnight toker Snoop Dogg appears to have a bit of a hazy memory when it comes to his past weed smoking sessions.

Back in the '90s, Snoop was "rollin' down the street smoking indo"; but also, blazing it up big time with Kurt Cobain, if his Instagram post from last week is anything to go by.

The 'Gin and Juice' rapper uploaded a snap of the two music legends that seemingly showed Snoop passing the dutchie on the left-hand side to a chuckling Cobain.

However, while we can't be sure these two didn't used to get on the ganja together from time to time, the photo in question is, in fact, a fake.

The snap was originally uploaded by an Instagram account called Vemix, as in 'visual remix', who create 'snapshots from another dimension'.

The account frequently photoshops unlikely or impossible celebrity pairings together - and they are pretty badass, to be fair.

One post seats White Stripes frontman Jack White next to Jimi Hendrix, while another sees Amy Winehouse gaze lovingly across a table at Tupac Shakur.

Anywho, people are pretty convinced Snoop Doggy Dog wasn't in on the gag, captioning the image: "Young dogg with Kurt '92".

A bunch of celebrities like Busta Rhymes and Tyrese Gibson took the bait hook, line and sinker, too. Rhymes wrote: "This shit is incredible!" while Gibson commented: "Wow, we already know you're legendary, you just took it up a few levels!"

And who could blame them, really? We all want to believe this iconic sesh took place. The ultimate stoner odd couple would have surely had some classic bants.

The Vemix account has since capitalised on their big moment, releasing a T-shirt featuring the image in question.

Meanwhile, Snoop has returned to posting fun memes and viral videos like your aunt's weird mate who won't stop friend requesting you on Facebook.

Does he realise that moment never happened? Did it happen, but in a parallel universe too complex for humans to comprehend? What does water actually taste like?

We just don't know. And that's okay.


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