Talk show host Wendy Williams claims Meghan Markle tried to get a job on her show

Talk show host Wendy Williams says Meghan Markle attempted to get a gig on The Wendy Williams Show before she became a part of the royal family. 

Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan's world was less tiaras and more audition, as she attempted to win her big showbiz break. 

Now married to Prince Harry and mother to Archie, she was once a struggling actress, working as a 'briefcase girl' on the TV show Deal or No Deal. 

Of course, she went on to make the big time with her role as Rachel White in the hit series Suits, but according to Wendy, not before she auditioned to appear on her talk show. 

"She came here to be on one of our models," Wendy told her audience. 

"We do the fashion shows, things like that. This was before she met the man - the redhead - Harry." 

While Wendy didn't go into detail about the audition process, the implication was clear that Meghan didn't manage to snag a spot on the show. 

"Meghan knows Wendy's show, Meghan wanted to work here," she concluded. 

Her days of casting calls and failed auditions far behind her, Meghan's now busy being a new mum to Archie and meeting Beyonce on Hollywood red carpets.