The Block NZ: 10yo Blockaholic grills Adam and Stacy on feud with Team Blue

Things are tense between the contestants of The Block NZ.

It's no wonder, really, what with looming deadlines, weeks of portaloo usage and Mark Richardson persistently popping up to bark or whistle at them. 

Thoroughly enjoying the on-screen stouches is my nephew Sam, currently competing for the title of the country's most die-hard Block fan. 

After giving Stacy and Adam some tips on kitchen essentials - a sink as big as a pool, a tap on the ceiling and a fridge with a bit you can hide in and scare people - Sam gets to grilling. 

"You said 'Karma is a bitch' about Team Blue - what did you mean by that?" 

"I think I just said something about karma!" Stacy quavers. But to be fair, Sophia and Mikaere did score Stacy and Adam zeros, which is a bit bloody rough. 

"They deserved it," says Sam. 

Then Adam plays the "we're one big Block family card" when asked who his least favourite team is, and Sam is simply not having it.

"You say that, but deep down, I know who it is," he counters. 

There seems to be no escape from Sam's hard-hitting Block journalism. Relief only comes in the form of a Mark Richardson impression. For now, it's tools down. 

Check out the video for all of the juicy gossip. 

The Block NZ: Firehouse airs Monday - Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday nights at 7pm on Three. 


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