The Block NZ: Lisa and Ribz in hysterics over 10yo Blockaholic's critiques

Wellington husband and wife duo Lisa and Ribz have certainly brought the sass factor to this season of The Block NZ, but they may have met their match. 

My nephew Sam, the 10-year-old Blockaholic, sat down with Team Yellow to trade impressions of judge Jason - "He's such a snob" - and find out what's the worst part of being on the show.

"Oh my God, the portaloos are disgusting," Lisa says.

"Have you ever been in a portaloo before? Have you ever been in a portaloo on a hot day, when 30 other tradies have used it just before you?"

Enough said.

The toilet facilities aren't the only thing the couple is turning their noses up at. There's tension with Team Blue, Sophia and Mikaere, over playing fair and sticking to the rules. 

Sam's got no time for grown-up gripes though, there's more pressing matters at hand, such as singing The Block theme song and rattling off all the show's sponsors. 

Watch the video to check out all the hilarity.