The Project's Kanoa Lloyd nails the internet bottle cap challenge

The bottle cap challenge is taking the internet by storm and the latest person to prove their skills is Kanoa Lloyd.

The challenge is simple - kick the cap off a water bottle with a MMA style spinning kick.

On Monday's episode of The Project the bubbly host set her heart on success. 

She told her co-hosts she was inspired by the celebrities attempting the challenge.

"I thought to myself, if John Mayer can do this then I can give it a go too!"

Lloyd's first attempt at kicking the lid off the bottle wasn't a success, but she wouldn't let failure stop her.

"I didn't give up, I went full karate kid on it," she told the panel.

Her co-hosts were supportive of her endeavors, with Jesse Mulligan offering some kind words.

"I believe in you, this is the sort of thing you could actually nail," he said.

After a little bit of training with award winning comedian and "professional" martial artist Rhys Mathewson, Lloyd was ready to try the challenge again. 

This time, prepped with the knowledge Mathewson had given her, Lloyd pivoted on one foot, swung the other behind her, and delivered a stunning karate kick to the bottle cap which flew off on the first try.

"I know for all the people who are actually doing it it's like "that bottle cap didn't spin around 50 times,' but that was the 125th attempt and I was just pleased to do that!" she told her co-hosts.

It may not have spun around 50 times, but it proves Lloyd is up there with the rest of the celebrities who are living their best karate kid life.