Three generations of women celebrate femininity through dance in ORCHIDS show

Three generations of women will soon take to the stage for a celebration of femininity.

ORCHIDS involves seven females aged 9 to 60 and tells the tale of the orchid flower through contemporary dance.

Director Sarah Foster-Sproull says the piece explores "not just the dark stuff but also light stuff" in relationships between women. 

Sarah's daughter, 9-year-old Ivy Foster, plays a starring role in the piece. 

"It is very exciting and very fun," she told Newshub. 

Foster-Sproull says working with her daughter is an extra-special part of the process. 

"I can't really make a show that's speaking about the themes that we're exploring without involving Ivy."

Fostering Ivy on stage is veteran dancer Marianne Schultz. In her 60s, she's thrilled to be treading the boards again with women of all ages. 

"At first I was quite insecure about my abilities with them because [they're] are the same age as my children.

"They support me in my dancing and my physicality and I hope I support them."

ORCHIDS started workshops in 2015, and after a successful season in 2017, the show is coming back to Auckland and Wellington in July. 


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