'Time of my life': Teen fan Alex Mann relives the moment he nailed impromptu rap at Glastonbury

A teenage fan sent the crowd at Glastonbury festival into a frenzy by joining South London rapper Dave on stage before nailing an impromptu performance of the track 'Thiago Silva'. 

Alex Mann was plucked from the audience during Dave's performance after the hip hop star asked: "Who's sober enough to sing these lyrics with me?"

Mann was spotted because of his football shirt emblazoned with player Thiago Silva's name - the inspiration for the track.

"I thought he might be joking so I thought I'd better get up as quickly as possible," Mann told The Guardian of the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

"I'm not sure what was going through my head. I was so nervous. I thought: 'What if I mess up?' But then I went on stage and performed and it felt so good."

Mann said that Dave had told him to "look him in the eyes" if he got stuck with the lyrics and needed help, but that wasn't an issue for the Somerset teen.

"I've listened to the song plenty of times, to be fair, but I was worried when I went on stage. I didn't think I would know all the lyrics but I did...I pick up lyrics quite fast," he explained.

"I walked off stage and the security guards took me back down and it was just amazing. I was walking past people who were screaming my name. I had the best time of my life."

Glastonbury revelers and social media commentators alike were stunned by Mann's flawless performance of the track.

"He took a chance and smashed it, class that. He'll remember that for the rest of his life," one Tweet read.

"I'm so proud of Alex and I've never met him, was smiling through the whole video, go on kiddd," said another.

Not everyone was convinced of the heart-warming moment's authenticity, however, questioning whether Mann had been planted as a set up.

"Too confident when arriving on stage. Not starstruck. Knew the exact arrangement. Does the hat hide in ear monitor...is that what is removed just before he leaves the stage?" one Twitter user said.

Mann told The Guardian the performance was "100% real", adding that Dave had been in touch to tell the young fan he'd be getting a lot of messages, and to get in touch if things got overwhelming.