Watch: Comedic magician Jarred Fell stuns The Project with jaw-dropping card trick

Since the age of 11, Jarred Fell has been amazing friends, strangers and celebrities with his unique concoction of magic and comedy.

He has played sold-out shows across Australasia, but now he's taking on his biggest and toughest crowd yet. 

Fell, 29, made an appearance on Thursday's episode of The Project. Sporting black eye-makeup and leather, Fell captivated co-host Kanoa Lloyd with a jaw-dropping card trick. 

The magician is currently on the US NBC comedy competition series Bring The Funny, which debuted to an audience of over six million earlier in July. 

"This is massive, man. It's American TV," Fell told co-host Ben Hurley.

Fell is currently back in the country to recharge before taking on round two.

"You know my style of comedy is very risque and dirty, so this was the biggest hurdle for me... I couldn't swear, I couldn't be dirty, I couldn't be Jarred Fell.

 "Americans don't get me, at all... I think they enjoy the 'magic' part of me."

He admitted the show's huge platform is more valuable than winning.

"I didn't go in it for the prize, I wanted to get one performance on NBC. That's a big dream come true."

So after "12 years of learning" the tricks of the trade, what tips does Fell have for up-and-coming comedic magicians?

"The best way to practice, with comedy as well, is in front of a live audience. I'll come up with a concept of a trick and just take it on stage."

Once the basics are accomplished, magicians can begin to build up their magical inventory.

"Being inspired, watching other magicians and concepts you hadn't thought of... Criss Angel, Dynamo, Derren Brown."

Clearly growing impatient with the chit-chat, Kanoa demanded a trick.

Did he play his cards right? As if almost by magic, the trick is ready to be revealed in the video.