Watch: Kiwi raver couple gets engaged on stage at dance music gig Deep Hard N Funky

A young Kiwi couple returned to the place they met two years earlier to get engaged - on stage at Deep Hard N Funky. 

George FM hosts Sin Howard and General Lee recounted the proposal that took place on the radio station's dedicated stage at Ellerslie Events Centre on Saturday. 

In a break between sets from acts such as P Money, Kings and Jupiter Project, a young man called Shaun led his partner Nicky on stage before kneeling. 

The crowd went wild as Shaun produced a ring to place on Nicky's finger before the couple embraced. 

"Well, to be honest… that's going to last!" General Lee joked. 

"Once it all wears off, you're like 'shit, was I just feeling good, or do I really want to marry you?" Sin replied. 

"Nah, congratulations to them both," she concluded. "Cute that they did it on the George FM stage, it must be significant for them.