Albi and the Wolves release stunning music video for Story

Folk band Albi and the Wolves have released a video directed by Gal Hochman for their latest single, 'Story'.

The full video can be viewed below.

Albi and the Wolves say they draw on rock, RnB and soul to create their sound and won the Tui (Vodafone New Zealand Music Award) for Best Folk Artist in 2018.

"We all come from different backgrounds, so bringing all those backgrounds together and seeing what happens when you put those backgrounds together is the Albi and the Wolves sound," Young told Newshub.

The band's frontman, Chris Dent, is 'Albi'.

"I'm an albino, and in high school I was dubbed Albi and so I've kind of worn that as a badge of pride," he told Newshub.

The video's director, Hochman, says she shot it at Bethells Beach, near Auckland.

"After Albi got in touch with me I checked out the band to see what their music and vibe was like. Then the idea of a tragic love story involving a werewolf just came to me. It just made sense. I felt like it combined the bands overall vibe, sound and obviously their name," she told Newshub.

"One of the nights we shot in the forest the temperature got down to 1C. It was fun, thrilling, challenging, cold at times but overall such a joy to work on."

Hochman says she is "stoked" with the results, especially considering her team worked with a super-tight budget.

"I think we managed to pull off something really unique and special," she said.

The band is happy with the video, too.

"It's a little bit quirky, dramatic, and playful too and that really sums up the band's essence," said Dent.

Albi and the Wolves are touring New Zealand in October.


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