Disney Plus to cost $9.99 per month, launch in NZ on November 19

Disney+ is launching in New Zealand on 19/11/19 with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.
Disney+ aims to be a serious global competitor to Netflix. Photo credit: Getty

Disney's streaming service will be available in New Zealand from November 19, 2019 and have a monthly subscription fee of NZ$9.99, the company has announced. 

Disney Plus, stylised as Disney+, is launching in Aotearoa just a week after its global debut in the US, Canada and the Netherlands on November 12.

Kiwi customers will also be able to buy a year's subscription for NZ$99.99.

Disney Plus is set to feature more than 500 films and 7500 episodes of TV at launch, from the catalogues of Star Wars, Marvel, The Simpsons, National Geographic, Disney and Pixar, among other brands.

How can I watch Disney Plus?

The company has confirmed Disney Plus will be available on the following platforms:

  • Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV and fully integrated with the Apple TV app)
  • Google (Android phones, Android TV devices, Google Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices)
  • Microsoft (Xbox One)
  • Sony (all Android based Sony TVs and PlayStation 4)
  • Roku (Roku streaming players and Roku TV models)

Disney plans to spread the service internationally within two years of its initial launch as a challenge to Netflix.

In the US, subscribers are being asked to pay US$6.99 per month and US$69.99 for a year - which by the current exchange rate is NZ$10.92 and NZ$109.17, respectively, meaning Kiwis will be paying less for the service.

As Disney is primed to take control of Hulu, it will be offering a bundle of ad-free Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus to US customers for US$12.99 a month.

Included in the new shows being made exclusively for Disney Plus is Star Wars series The Mandalorian, on which New Zealander Taika Waititi is a director.

With its latest announcement, Disney also activated the Facebook and Instagram accounts for Disney Plus New Zealand.