Duo behind the band Lips discuss making new album

After spending much of the last five years making music for the silver screen, Stephanie Brown and Fen Ikner are making somewhat of a comeback. 

The pair behind the band Lips have just released their latest track and are working on their debut full-length album.

Brown and Ikner started scoring and producing music for the stage show Daffodils and its film adaption in 2014, but now the focus is on their own music. 

"[It's] really nice to work on something new and original," Brown told Newshub. 

The standalone track 'Guilty Talk' dropped last week and is an ode to Brown's time in New York, where the humble Kiwi attitude was few and far between.  

"Everybody's selling themselves all the time and everyone's talking themselves up, and I was thinking about how different that is."

The pop duo are now working away in their home recording studio in Beach Haven to produce their debut full-length album. 

While the record isn't based on a film as such, it's inspired by a screenplay written by Rochelle Bright, the same woman who penned Daffodils

"We found that writing the songs for the screenplay, or imagining that we had that job, just opened up this world of songs and of music," Brown said. 

"These are more like this is a person who's going through something related to these other people who are going through this with or against them," Ikner told Newshub. 

The finishing touches are being put on the album, which is set to be released in April 2020.