Hong Kong protesters angered by Mulan actress Liu Yifei's support of police

Hong Kong protesters expressed their disappointment at a social media post made by Mulan actress Liu Yifei supporting the city's police on Friday as thousands gathered onthe eve of another weekend of major protests.

In a post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, actress Liu Yifei wrote in Mandarin "I support Hong Kong police. You can attack me now," adding in English: "What a shame for Hong Kong".

Protesters wearing face masks said they would not watch the film in theatres including Cheung who called on Disney to rethink their employment of the actress.

''I'd say if Disney is such a company that really values human rights, they should not continue hiring Liu Yifei as Mulan's character right," they said.

Ten weeks of confrontations between police and protesters have plunged Hong Kong into its worst crisis since it reverted from British to Chinese rule in 1997, and have presented the biggest popular challenge to Chinese President Xi Jinping since he came to power in 2012.

The protests began in opposition to a now-suspended bill that would have allowed the extradition of suspects for trial in mainland China, but have swelled into wider calls for democracy.

Liu, a popular star of Chinese film and dramas is a naturalized citizen of the United States. She is fluent in English and has also appeared in several international co-productions such as Outcast, where she starred alongside Nicholas Cage.

Mulan is scheduled for release in March, 2020.


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