'It's pretty electric, it's unreal': Kiwi e-sports stars on their experience gaming in front of thousands

If you're a parent this century, you know that sometimes you've got to pry your kids away from the glowing computer screen and beg them to get outdoors.

Well, maybe you should just leave them be.

Two million people tuned in to watch the Fortnite World Cup, streamed live from New York.It's one of the biggest sports in the world.

One hundred players from across the globe battled for $147 million bucks in prizes.

Among those champions were two Kiwis. This insanely popular e-sport has a quarter-billion players worldwide and it's proved itself an epic teenage millionaire-maker.

The American who won last week's first-ever Fortnite World Cup took home more than four million in prize money.

A little way behind him in the enemy kill-count were our boys, Twizz and Cover-H. Now, they were the first to be kicked out of the arena but, coming last of the best isn't all bad - they made more in one day than most of us make in a year.

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