Kim Kardashian's 'new face' labelled a Beyonce imitation

  • 13/08/2019

Kim Kardashian's latest look is being questioned by social media users, with some alleging she's had cosmetic surgery done to look like Beyonce.

The reality TV star debuted her '90s look' on Instagram to promote make-up products, but the comments are far more concerned with her face.

Kiwi social media provocateur Pebbles Hooper mockingly asked if Kim borrowed her sister Khloe's nose for the photo.

Pebbles Hooper mocks Kim Kardashian's nose on Instagram.
Photo credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

"What number face is this for Kim?" asked one Twitter user.

While several pointed out the look's similarity to Beyonce - with some saying that had intentionally been achieved through plastic surgery - Bumble's head of creative Erin Foster suggested "Toni Braxton vibes".

Kim's '90s look is shown off both on her own Instagram account and on that of make-up artist Mary Phillips.

Among those leaving flattering comments are the likes of Hailey Bieber, Paris Hilton and Malika.