Machine Gun Kelly tries to resurrect Eminem feud ahead of new album release

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is trying to breathe new life into his high-profile feud with Eminem nearly a year after it kicked off.

The 'Bad Things' rapper got into a back-and-forth feud with the 'My Name Is' hit-maker in 2018, which saw each artist mock and threaten each other in song lyrics. 

Eminem was the last of the two to release a diss track in the battle, the merciless 'Killshot', but MGK has continued to discuss the beef 

Ahead of the release of a new album, he's bringing the feud up once again.

While chatting on Complex show Everyday Struggle, MGK said of Eminem: "Put us on a track, see who comes harder."

"[The feud] was weird. It was out of nowhere," he claimed about the feud.

"It was ill-timed. Mac [Miller]'s death had just happened. You know what I'm saying? It was weird."

MGK also said it was "a little annoying" that "the internet" tried to "muddy" his feud with Eminem.

"We can't be a generation that rides only because a person's a legend and strictly goes off that factor. When we do something for our generation, step up and acknowledge what happened, hold it down," he said.

"That was not something I was expecting to ever happen. I said what I said, I don't give a f**k. You can't help me. That should be the narrative for anyone in our generation."

On his new album, MGK also appears to subliminally insult or 'sneak diss' Eminem, yet again.

"One legend that tried to f**k with me and got the venom," he says on 'Floor 13'.

Following 'Killshot', Eminem hasn't mentioned the feud, apart from refusing to perform the track at concerts.

The full MGK interview is embedded below, which is uncensored and contains adult language that may offend.