Married At First Sight NZ 2019: Meet the singles

  • 25/08/2019

The hotly anticipated season three of Married At First Sight New Zealand (MAFS NZ) is imminent and we can reveal the 12 singles just crazy enough to get wed with a complete stranger. 

The experts have deliberated, the parents have all done some deep-breathing exercises - it's all on. 

While we know a smorgasbord of commitment ceremonies, awkward family BBQs and emotional meltdowns awaits, it all begins at the altar. 

Here are the hopeful romantics saying "I do" on MAFS NZ 2019: 

James Hardy.
James Hardy. Photo credit: MediaWorks

James Hardy 
Age: 29 
Star Sign: Gemini 

James is a 29-year-old telecommunications technician who lives in Christchurch. A bit of a jet-setter, James once worked for Queen Elizabeth II when he was living overseas and cites his biggest regret as returning to NZ from Europe. 

James is looking for someone who is genuine, easy-going and natural with a good heart. An eternal optimist, James reckons that no matter what, he should be able to gain something positive from the experience - and is hopeful about finding a lifelong partner. 

A keen cook, James rates his signature Mexican dishes as a great way to impress a significant other.  

In his spare time, he likes to play or watch sport and socialise with friends - two of whom happen to be Ling and Zing from The Block NZ 2017. He's hoping his future partner can also fall in love with his dog, Fred, and will want to travel to his favourite destinations - Croatia and Greece. 

Carmen Stimpson.
Carmen Stimpson. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Carmen Stimpson 
Age: 25 
Star Sign: Pisces

Having been single for three years, brunette beauty Carmen knows what makes her happy and says she is now ready to share her life with someone else. 

Pastry chef Carmen grew up in Auckland, lived in Australia for three years, moved to Christchurch for five months and is now back in the City of Sails. 

A woman who always looks for the positives in situations, Carmen's friends describe her as funny, a bit crazy, but ultimately loving. Her ideal partner would be someone who is honest, loyal, fun, and up for spontaneous road trips. Family approval will be a big drawcard for Carmen, who says deal breakers would include not liking kids and not getting along with her family. 

Carmen cites her biggest regret in life as not eating more when she was travelling Europe, and she loves the Harry Potter films and reggae music. At the altar, she hopes to be greeted by someone taller than her with a warm smile. 

Christopher Wilson.
Christopher Wilson. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Christopher Wilson 
Age: 55 
Star Sign: Cancer 

Silver fox Christopher grew up in Nelson and counts the Nelson Lakes as his favourite place in the world - so his future spouse can expect some romantic dates on its shores. 

The creative director now lives in Auckland, and was signed up to MAFZ NZ by his children. A keen adventurer, Chris enjoys mounting biking, paddle boarding and runs with his dog.

When it comes to matters of the heart, he is looking for someone that is daring, loving, smart and honest to share the rest of his life with. He has been in love multiple times before but is now looking for his soulmate. He says he's attracted to women who are petite and exotic with natural radiance. 

A romantic at heart, Christopher flew his last long-term partner to New York, where he proposed on a bridge with a jazz saxophonist playing in the background. Another dramatic moment saw he and his children survive the 2009 tsunami in Samoa. 

Vicky Fuller.
Vicky Fuller. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Victoria Fuller 
Age: 27 
Star Sign: Pisces

Vicky is an adventurous spirit who has returned from travelling and is now working as a primary school teacher. She was born in Durban, South Africa, where much of her family still reside. Vicky has lived in Rotorua, studied in Dunedin for four years and has now settled in Auckland with her parents. 

A keen explorer, psychology graduate Vicky quit her job and travelled the world, which she says gave her a better outlook on what life is all about. It also made her realise that she missed sharing moments with that special someone. 

Vicky is looking for someone with humour, honesty and good family values, while arrogance is a major turn off. At the end of the aisle she envisions someone tall and broad, and she 100 percent believes in love at first sight. 

Stefaan Nes.
Stefaan Nes. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Stefaan Nes 
Age: 26 
Star Sign: Leo 

Originally from Palmerston North, Stefaan is a pool technician now living in Auckland. Not one to dwell on regrets, the 26-year-old boasts that buying a $25,000 jet ski is amongst his proudest achievements. 

The self-described daredevil hasn’t had the best luck with dates, admitting that his most embarrassing moment was when he decided to strip and jump into a freezing water hole while hiking, only for his date to run off with his clothes. 

Adrenaline junkie Stefaan has never been in love, but believes in diving headfirst into the experiment. In his spare time, he enjoys a lot of jet-skiing, road trips and playing sports. 

Stefaan seeks a fit, motivated partner that will share his passion for the outdoors and loves having a laugh. A lack of ambition and laziness are turn-offs, as well as indecisiveness. 

Aimee Collins.
Aimee Collins. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Aimee Collins 
Age: 34 
Star Sign: Gemini 

Hailing from Hamilton but now living in Auckland, risk-taker Aimee is an accomplished sales manager and business owner who is always on the go. 

Having lived in Canada for four and a half years, energetic go-getter Aimee is currently learning to speak Portugese and play the guitar. She has also trained in Jiu Jitsu and martial arts for the last five years - so her future man might want to watch his back.  

Aimee is after a man that can make her belly laugh and shares an interest in health, wellbeing and leaving a positive impact on the world. 

Physically, she's drawn to someone who is tall, sporty and tidy with a great smile, while emotionally she seeks a good communicator who is ambitious and generous. She says her personal drive for success means that laziness and rudeness won’t impress her at all. 

Aimee admits believes in lust at first sight but is hoping her marriage will go beyond that and become something that could last forever. 

Raymond Wedlake.
Raymond Wedlake. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Raymond Wedlake 
Age: 31
Star Sign: Aquarius 

Feeling unlucky in love, curtain installer Ray wants the experts to take control of his love life and find him his perfect match. 

The Cantabrian values family above all else and says he is most proud of how he grew up quickly to support his parents after his brother passed away. 

His biggest fear is being hurt or betrayed emotionally, and as a result, he is looking for an honest, affectionate and confident person who isn’t afraid to be themselves. Nice teeth, a warm smile and tidy appearance are bound to stir up instant physical chemistry for Ray.

Ray is looking to avoid judgement or rudeness and wants to be able to have some serious chats with his prospective partner. 

On his part, Ray says he's more of an UberEats man than a master chef, but makes up for it by being down to earth, fun and loyal. 

Rosemary Cruickshank.
Rosemary Cruickshank. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Rosemary Cruickshank 
Age: 45 
Star Sign: Leo 

Self-employed eyelash extension stylist Rose is a proud mother of three daughters and keen reality TV fan, listing her favourite shows as MAFS, The Block and The Bachelor

After three unsuccessful marriages, Rose is putting all her faith in the opinion of the experts in order to find that special someone she can settle down with. Hailing from Napier, Rose is looking for a partner who is kind, empathetic, compassionate and compromising. Meanwhile, smoking, baldness and a big ego are all turn-offs. 

She wants to see a tall, well-dressed, smiley groom waiting for her at the altar and values loyalty and trust above all else. 

With The Notebook amongst her favourite films, Rose is looking for a love story to rival Noah and Allie's. 

Jonathan Trenbeth.
Jonathan Trenbeth. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Jonathan Trenberth 
Age: 31 
Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Tauranga-born Jonathan grew up in Christchurch but now considers Auckland home. Known as Jono to his friends, they describe him as a bit of a dork who is friendly and very charming. A Harry Potter aficionado, Jono loves the wonderful world of wizardry so much he even sports four Harry Potter-inspired tattoos. 

The marketing and communications manager notes he is a bit of a clown and can juggle, walk on stilts and eat fire - all of which he learnt during his time working for an entertainment company. 

Jonathan is looking for someone who is warm, funny, kind, confident and smart. He's crossing his fingers that his match will be someone he is attracted to, but says he knows that beauty fades and personality is the most important thing. 

Jonathan will also be watching how his partner treats waiters when they go out to dinner - he believes it is a key test to see if they are genuinely a good person. Previously, he's dropped dates because they were rude to waitstaff. 

Anna Saxton.
Anna Saxton. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Anna Saxton 
Age: 25 
Star Sign: Libra

Singer and songwriter Anna lives between her hometown of Cambridge and the bustling city of Los Angeles. 

Having regretted staying too long in an unhappy relationship, Anna now wants to settle down with someone who she can truly fall in love with. Her ideal partner is ambitious, funny, honest and would make her coffee in the morning with no complaints. 

At the end of the aisle she is hoping for someone tall, dark and handsome who she will feel instant "good vibes" from. 

Walking down the aisle to marry a stranger on national TV is not Anna’s first time in front of the camera. She has multiple music videos online under her music brand Saxi, and in 2017 spent time living in LA and recording a reality TV show while part of a music talent search and mentorship program.

Anna has a bold and unique sense of style - erring on the side of outrageous and adventurous. Her musical idols include Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston.  

Chris Mansfield.
Chris Mansfield. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Chris Mansfield 
Age: 39 
Star Sign: Scorpio 

Described as a modern-day Peter Pan by friends, Auckland-based brand ambassador Chris grew up in Christchurch and is looking for someone to share his busy life with. 

Better known as Tig to people closest to him - an old rugby nickname that has stuck with him from Southland - Chris says he's most proud of the little moments he's been able to help others in life. 

A man with plenty of mates and an active social life, Chris is looking for a best friend who he can be his complete self with. He’s after “a smile that lights up the room, with eyes you get lost in.” 

Chris values loyalty and honesty more than anything and believes that in order to be in love, you need to first understand what is in their heart and head. 

Chris reckons he can rustle up a great platter paired with a good bottle of wine and a picnic beach setup for a perfect date. 

He also has two interesting hidden talents: he is a mixologist and dabbles in iguana wrestling. 

Jordan Dare.
Jordan Dare. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Jordan Dare 
Age: 26 
Star Sign: Scorpio 

Down-to-earth bloke Jordan says he has been in love before and is ready to jump at the chance to find it again. 

The light fabrication engineer from Foxton is extremely family-oriented. He says his proudest moment was when his sister got married and his biggest fear is losing those closest to him. 

Jordan is looking for a kind, honest, outgoing partner and says his usual type is someone who likes to keep fit. He doesn’t have any deal-breakers, but the things that would make him think twice include anyone that smokes, possesses poor manners or has no direction. 

During the last 12 months, Jordan has decided to take some big risks in life and this experience will be the cherry on the (wedding) cake. 

In his spare time Jordan likes to race cars - even travelling to the UK during filming to compete in the briSCA F1 stock cars in September.

Married At First Sight will premiere on Three in September.