PlayStation 5 pre-order listed with price of $1580

A third-party retailer in Sweden has listed the PlayStation 5 on its website at a price substantially higher than any other major gaming console in history.

Media Markt Sweden opened pre-orders on the upcoming Sony console for the price of 9999 Swedish Krona - that's NZ$1580, according to the exchange rate at the time of publishing.

The price has been described as "eye-watering" and a "heart attack".

You can pre-order the PlayStation 5 right now from Media Markt Sweden, but you'd have to pay 9999 Swedish Krona (NZ$1580).
You can pre-order the PlayStation 5 right now - but you'd have to pay 9999 Swedish Krona (NZ$1580). Photo credit:

In 2007, the PlayStation 3 was criticised for its high launch price, which in New Zealand was NZ$1200 for the60GB model. The PlayStation 4 launched in 2013 with a recommended retail price of NZ$650.

The pre-order page on Media Markt Sweden states that its "PS5 info is temporary and can be changed for release", which likely means the list price is a placeholder only.

Market experts have previously stated the PlayStation 5 will likely launch with a much lower price of US$400 (NZ$610).

Sony's Mark Cerny has revealed the PlayStation 5 will feature a custom SSD, a 7nm Zen 2 eight-core CPU based on AMD's Ryzen chips, a custom GPU based on the Radeon's Navi chips and support ray tracing and 8K resolution.

It's set to launch in late 2020, alongside its primary competitor, Xbox's Project Scarlett.