Radio Hauraki founder Ian Magan dies

In the 1960s, emerging radio announcer Ian Magan was bored of the state-only radio stations. 

So he joined some mates to start what would become the country's first commercial station - Radio Hauraki.  

The Government wouldn't give them a license, but they didn't need one if they went far enough out to sea.

So they set up on the Tiri ship, and started broadcasting.

There were many set-backs - including bumpy weather, so they recorded tapes on land instead.

But Magan and his mates stuck at it. His determination extended well past his Hauraki days.    

Through his successful touring and promotions company, Magan brought some of the world's biggest acts to New Zealand - like Michael Jackson, Pavarotti, and ACDC.   

But he never forgot the little guys.

"He was very fair," friend and business partner Gray Bartlett said. "He was one of the first to insist that artists get a percentage of the final profits. 

"Before him, they didn't."

Magan, 80, died on Friday morning after being diagnosed with cancer.