The Project: Lizzo explains how her ass became her best asset

If you haven't heard of Lizzo yet, it's about time that was fixed.

Lizzo's gone from covering superstars on YouTube to performing her own tracks at Coachella. It's safe to say that Lizzo is the next big thing.

She's got powerful vocals, a fiery stage presence - and she also plays the flute, while twerking at the same time.

Asked by The Project her advice for New Zealanders about self-love, she said the things she loves about herself are things others would call imperfections.

"I used to hate my butt. My butt was the worst. Now my ass literally brings me those bucks."

She said she makes her insecurities her "greatest weapon".

"I turned something I was insecure about into something that secures the bag.

"I think that if girls knew that about people who are super confident - if they knew about the things that they weren't actually so confident in at first - that would give them hope or show them they're not alone."

Speaking to The Project on Friday, she addressed rumours that she demands hundreds of chicken wings and posh vodka in her rider, or set of requests ahead of concerts.

She joked: "No, I don't even eat chicken wings like that, and I need posh tequila.

"I don't need posh vodka - I can't believe that's a rumour about me, I don't f**king eat chicken wings like that."

She laughed as she told The Project host Jeremy Corbett: "You should be ashamed of yourself".

But her reaction to New Zealand's humble cheese roll was positive.

"Oh, my god," she said. "It's just bread and cheese and they roll it up, where do they get that?"

She also addressed her flute-playing talents.

"Flute is f**king hard," she told The Project. "You better go back and learn your abc's before you pick up that flute because that's some mean mother f**ker.

"That's why I'm so proud of the flute, because it's a really hard instrument to be good at. I sounded terrible for many years."