'You spelt terrorism wrong!' - Rihanna condemns Donald Trump's response to El Paso, Dayton mass shootings

Pop star Rihanna is one of the many celebrities calling out US President Donald Trump for his reaction to the country's latest mass shootings.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host has blamed "mental illness" for the attacks in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio that killed 29 people.

Rihanna replied to a tweet from Trump about the attacks and strongly criticised his response in a lengthy Instagram post.

"Um, Donald, you spelt 'terrorism' wrong! Your country had two terrorist attacks, back-to-back, hours apart, leaving almost 30 innocent people dead," the 'Work' hit-maker said.

"This, just days after yet another terrorist attack in California, where a terrorist was able to LEGALLY purchase an assault rifle (AK-47) in Vegas, then drive hours to a food festival... leaving six more people dead, including a young infant baby boy!"

The US Justice Department is treating the El Paso shooting as a domestic terrorist case and exploring a hate crime connection, after the killer is thought to have published a far-right, anti-immigrant 'manifesto' on extremist website 8chan before the shooting.

Trump condemned the "hateful act" on Twitter, but refrained from labelling it terrorism, and told media: "This is also a mental illness problem… These are people that are very, very seriously mentally ill."

In her post, Rihanna also referenced Trump's immigration policies and plan to build a wall on the US/Mexico border.

"Imagine a world where it’s easier to get an AK-47 than a visa! Imagine a world where they build a wall to keep terrorists IN AMERICA! My prayers and deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all the victims and the communities affected and traumatised, from Texas, California, and Ohio!" she said. 

"I'm so sorry for your loss! Nobody deserves to die like this! NOBODY!"


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