Ash Ketchum becomes a Pokémon master, finally

Ash with Pikachu.
Ash with Pikachu. Photo credit: Pokemon Company

Ash Ketchum fans can finally rejoice. The anime character has finally obtained Pokémon Master status - and all it took was 22 years on the popular show.

The Pokémon trainer - and main character on the show - has travelled all over to catch all the animated critters. Until now, however, he has always failed to win the tournaments that matter.

In the latest episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon, however, Ash finally took out the championship competition of the Aloha League - earning the title of Pokémon Master.

Ash, known as Satoshi in the original Japanese, ousted rival trainer Gladion to take out the championship.

His victory comes after 1000 episodes.

Ash's win was celebrated by many online, including Veronica Taylor, who did the original English-language voice for Ash.

"Congratulations to Ash Ketchum on winning the Pokémon League from Ash's 'younger' self, circa 1998...yup, hard work, determination, good friends, and a bit of luck pay off," Taylor posted to Twitter.


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