Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden reveals 'secret' of Simon Cowell's 'scary' new face

Amanda Holden has revealed what she thinks is the "secret" to Simon Cowell's new look - one that many have dubbed "terrifying". 

Cowell stunned fans when he stepped out on a recent red carpet, having lost 10kgs and sporting what appeared to be some drastically different facial features. 

Speaking to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, Holden said she believes she knows the reason behind Cowell's altered appearance. 

"He’s drinking lightweight beers, that’s the secret," she told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, who suggested Cowell looked like a 'waxwork dummy now". 

Both Holden and Morgan have appeared alongside Cowell as Britan's Got Talent judges

Whether or not it's the reason for his strange new visage, it's true that Cowell is a fan of a light beer. 

In 2015, he put out a call for Light Coronas on Twitter after having run out. According to Vice, he was seen leaving a BGT taping with a Skinny Larger in hand. 

Last month, Cowell told The Sun his weight loss was down to a lifestyle change that saw him swap "sausage rolls, hamburgers and jam tarts" for a vegan diet. 

He said he felt like an "11 out of 10," but many social media commentators couldn't move past his unsettling new face.  

The music mogul's transformation earned him comparisons to a melting Nazi from Indiana Jones, a cake, a lion in a Renaissance painting, a Doctor Who character that is just a piece of stretched skin with a face, and "the dog from Howl's Moving Castle".


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