Dom Harvey causes emergency evacuation of The Edge studio with on-air stunt

The Edge radio host Dom Harvey caused an emergency evacuation when an on-air stunt set the studio's smoke alarms off.

One-third of The Edge Breakfast show, Harvey lit a 'smudge stick' or sage bundle in order to "cleanse" the area of "bad juju". 

Once alight, the stick began to billow smoke, quickly filling the room and setting the alarms off. 

Harvey attempted to put the embers out with a fire extinguisher, but it was too late. 

"I can't breathe!" Harvey said as he and his co-hosts Megan Annear and Clinton Randell were forced to put their shirts over their mouths. 

"Don't breathe that shit in," said Randell. 

Eventually, the show's producer intervened, making the call that the presenters would need to leave the studio, abandoning the live show. 

The broadcast was able to resume after the team followed the official safety procedures and vacated the studio temporarily.