Kim Kardashian 'mum-shamed' for letting North West wear hoop earrings

Kim Kardashian just can't catch a break when it comes to Instagram. When fans, foes and followers aren't sleuthing through her pictures, looking for a sixth toe or Photoshop fail, they're 'mum-shaming' Kardashian for any number of reasons. 

The latest bout of ridicule was inspired by a picture of Kardashian and her six-year-old daughter, North West, pinky-promising to be "besties for life" while North shows off a huge pair of hoop earrings.

Fans, mothers and haters alike, armed with nothing but their mobiles, indignation and boredom, took to the comments to blast the mother-of-four for her parenting. 

"North has no business wearing hoops that big at what, 6? They're gonna pull on her little holes," one enraged Instagrammer commented.

"Why is she wearing hoop earrings? She doesn't look like a little girl," wrote another.

Others berated Kardashian for not dressing North "according to her age" and trying to make her "older than she should be". 

Kardashian fans have rushed to defend the 38-year-old - although no one has attempted to deny the size of the hoops.

"Like you didn't play dress-up with earrings when you were little," one woman wrote.

"I'm pretty sure those are Kim's and she was just wearing them to have fun," argued another.

"Little girls just want to be like their mums."

Little girls particularly love to emulate their mum or women they admire. Plenty of mothers let their young daughters try on makeup, raid their jewellery or dress as a Disney princess - and that is okay.

North also has the jewellery boxes of very fashion-forward relatives to choose from - and if previous posts are anything to go by, the hoops in question may belong to a particular aunt.

Overall, Kardashian has 147 million Instagram followers and receives millions of notifications in a day. It is highly unlikely she is going to let complaints alter her parenting style - just to accommodate the opinions of strangers.