Lisa & Ribz win The Block NZ 2019: Firehouse

Lisa and Ribz have been announced the winners of The Block NZ: Firehouse, with their home selling for $1,340,000 - $50,000 above the apartment's reserve.

The only team to make a profit from their auction, they beat the other teams - Sophia & Mikaere, Stacy & Adam, and Ethan & Sam - in competing for real estate glory at the historic Firehouse in Kingsland, Auckland.

"We'll take our kids on holiday, first and foremost," Lisa said of what they'll do with their money.

"When we went on The Block, so did they, in a way. So we're going to take them swimming with dolphins!"

With the other teams doing so badly at the auction, Lisa & Ribz say their victory is "bittersweet".

"It's not a nice way to win," says Ribz. 

"It's unbelievable that's it's ended up like this."

Earlier, Ethan & Sam won the People's Choice Award and with it, a brand new Suzuki S-Cross Prestige.

The auction results were as follows:

  • Lisa & Ribz: $1,340,000, which was $50,000 above reserve
  • Ethan & Sam: $1,390,000, which was the reserve
  • Stacy & Adam: Failed to meet reserve at auction
  • Sophia & Mikaere: Failed to meet reserve at auction


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