Manchester bombing survivor says Ariana Grande 'let her down' after meet-and-greet cancelled

A young Ariana Grande fan who survived the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing says she feels "let down" by the singer, who has cancelled their meet-and-greet.

Charlotte Gant, 21, paid £530 (NZ$1039) to meet Grande before her Arena Birmingham gig on Saturday (local time), but has been left disappointed and out of pocket. 

The singer, who claims to have suffered "a handful of panic attacks", allegedly cancelled the meet-and-greets to preserve her voice and energy. 

In an interview with The Mirror, Gant revealed that Ticketmaster has only offered "a partial refund" of £310 (NZ$607) for the cancellation, meaning her ticket and goodie bag have worked out to cost £220 (NZ$431). 

The 21-year-old hoped that spending time with Grande would bring her "closure" following the terror of the May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing. Twenty-two people were killed in the attack, following a concert by Grande.

The 'God is a Woman' hitmaker, 26, returned to Manchester two weeks after the attack to perform a tribute concert.

"I wanted to meet Ariana so much, just to say thank you for helping me through a really difficult time," Gant, a personal trainer, told The Mirror. 

"I just feel upset and let down to get the email saying not only has the meet-and-greet been cancelled, [but] they're keeping my money. 

"I felt it was part of my healing process and a chance for a bit of closure."

A full reimbursement was refused because Gant received "a premium standing ticket and gift bag", The Mirror reports.

"I essentially paid £100 for a small goodie bag," Gant said.

Gant still appears to have had a good time at the concert, posting clips of the show to her social media and calling it "the most amazing night".

Grande has cancelled other meet-and-greets while performing her Sweetener world tour across the United States and Europe. Coveted slots with the singer have reportedly been called off in London, Glasgow and Sheffield.

The cancellations have triggered a social media backlash from fans.

"Know your limits instead of disappointing fans," one tweeted.

The singer has spoken openly about her mental health struggles following the bombing, including an ongoing battle with anxiety and the effects of PTSD.