Mark Richardson offers James Shaw a place in his 'Cabinet'

The AM Show sportsreader Mark Richardson has joked he would put Green Party co-leader James Shaw in his Cabinet, but only if the Green Party co-leader defects to National.

Richardson, an open National Party supporter who has alluded to political aspirations in the past, said Shaw has until 5pm Thursday to get back to him.

"If James Shaw resigns from the Green Party today and joins the National Party, I will offer you, James, a place in my Cabinet," Richardson said, adding that it would offer Shaw "empowerment". 

"A role in my Cabinet in an organisation that does what it says it's going to do effectively empowers a man who has the environment at heart."

The Government's Cabinet is made up of senior ministers and chaired by the Prime Minister. It meets every week to discuss important issues and form Government policy.

The Opposition has their own version of Cabinet, a shadow Cabinet, made up of the spokespeople that mirror the roles of Cabinet ministers.

Richardson has suggested he could enter politics in future, but mostly in a backbench role rather than picking the Cabinet.

"I'm just going to sit on the backbenches and basically do nothing," he said on The AM Show in 2018, amidst discussion with National deputy leader Paula Bennett over whether he could run in an electorate. 

Newshub is contacting Shaw for a response to Richardson's offer.


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