Prince Harry hits back at his carbon footprint critics during sustainable tourism campaign launch

Prince Harry has hit back at critics complaining about the size of his carbon footprint as he launches a new campaign on sustainable tourism in Amsterdam.

Some eyebrows were raised when the Duke of Sussex announced he was launching a campaign on sustainability and travel amid the controversy surrounding his and Meghan Markle's private jet usage. 

The climate-conscious royals faced backlash for using the private jet for recent family holidays, with a number of critics claiming the Sussexes do not practice what they preach.

"We could all do better. While no one is perfect, we all have a responsibility for our own individual impact," Prince Harry said at the launch on Tuesday (local time).

But the impact of Harry and Meghan's recent carbon emissions was greater than had they flown commercially, with royal adversaries arguing that Harry and Meghan are not leading by example.

When Harry was asked about his own travel choices at the launch, he claimed that although he has travelled the world commercially "99 percent of the time... there needs to be an opportunity based on a unique circumstance to ensure that my family is safe."

Harry also claimed his conversion into becoming climate change conscious started on a Caribbean tour in 2012, when a seven-year-old told him, "because of your country, my country's coral reef is dying".

Now, the Duke says tourists anywhere and everywhere must think about the impact travel is having.


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