School of Rock hits Auckland

The blockbuster movie School of Rock graced our screens well over a decade ago, but its popularity lives on. So much so, it's been made into a hit stage production which has debuted in Auckland this week.

It has been 15 years since the movie broke box-office records. Now, after whirlwind tours across the globe, its Australian based company has landed here.

"It's based on the film, so if you love the film you'll love the musical, but if you haven't seen the film you'll love it anyway," says Joe Kosky, who plays the main character, Dewey Finn.

Finn, a wannabe rock star, poses as a teacher at a prestigious prep school, but instead of maths, and science, its music.

Jack Black plays Dewey in the film, something Joe is all too aware of.

"The real realisation for me playing the role was that he [Jack Black] is so in the writing, so embedded in the show already. You don't have to try to replicate his performance. You don't have to impersonate Jack Black," Kosky says.

Joe is joined on stage by dozens of impressive children, who don't just sing, they play all their own instruments. Many aren't even teenagers, one of them is, Zane Blumeris, he's is just twelve.

"What I hope people take away from this show is to be inspired and know how music empowers you, and understand that side of things," Blumeris says.

This is Zane's first production and it's taken him through Australia and China. The young talent says he still wants to make time for school, but after watching him today, you might say he's born for the stage.

"We're all we've got when we're on tour, we are each other's family. So we hang out outside of here every chance we get".

It's that energy that'll keep Zane and the cast rocking until the end of this month.

Auckland is the last stop on their tour, and they're promising it's set to be there best yet.


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