The Block NZ: Winners Lisa and Ribz to spend prize money on boob job

Lisa and Ribz have revealed their plans for the $150,000 they've pocketed as the winners of The Block NZ

Speaking to The Edge's breakfast show, the pair said they wouldn't be sharing their winnings with the other teams - all of whom walked away empty-handed - but they did have some other ideas in mind. 

"Possibly get a new set of boobs," said Lisa. 

"Smaller or bigger?" enquired Edge host Megan Annear. 

"Neither, just up. Not dragging along the ground, where they used to be" said Lisa. 

With a breast lift costing between $8,000 - $14,000 in New Zealand, there will be plenty of cash left over for the couple to spend, some of which will go towards "paying the phone bill". 

After their win last night, the couple said they also planned on taking their children on holiday. 

"When we went on The Block, so did they, in a way," Lisa said. "So we're going to take them swimming with dolphins!"

Lisa and Ribz sold their apartment in The Block NZ: Firehouse in the Auckland suburb of Kingsland for $1,340,000. 

Despite netting the lowest price of all the properties, the final bid was $50,000 above the reserve - a profit Lisa and Ribz kept along with the $100,000 prize money. 

Ethan and Sam's apartment sold at the reserve price of $1,139,000, while a late-night deal saw Stacy and Adam's sell at $1,480,000, which still did not beat the reserve price. Sophia and Mikaere's penthouse apartment failed to meet the reserve at auction.