The Rock radio host Roger Farrelly reveals battle with depression

The Rock's Roger Farrelly opened up about his battle with depression during Thursday morning's broadcast of his Morning Rumble show. 

Farelly was encouraged by his co-host Bryce Casey, who earlier this year raised $366,602 for mental health organisation I AM HOPE by bowling for 58 hours straight. 

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, Farelly explained how he'd struggled with depression earlier in his career. 

"I ended up going to a counsellor quite a long time ago," he said.  

"My kids were really young, that's hard, as you know if you've got young kids." 

The broadcaster explained that his wife's support played a massive role in allowing him to take action. 

"I probably wouldn't have done it until my wife sort of said 'you probably should', so she was a massive help," said Farrelly.

"I probably would have said 'Nah, I'll be right, I'll try and guts it out'." 

Farrelly added that these days, he can recognise the signs of depression before it takes hold. 

"I definitely know [when it's coming on]. It's always little things that start to get you down."  

Farelly's other co-host Andrew Mulligan also chimed in, sharing his coping mechanisms when things become overwhelming. 

"The main thing I learned is to step back and try to - if you can - extricate yourself from the whole inner turmoil of 'the pressure is on to do this or that'," said Mulligan.

"Step back and go: let's look at what I'm actually supposed to be accomplishing as a human being with my life and with other people.

"You are very, very, important, and sometimes you just don't think you are. Sometimes you think you're just in the way of people, and that's just not true." 

Farelly agreed: "It's very easy to think you're just some sort of little cog in a massive machine". 

Casey rounded out the segment by reminding Rock listeners to be aware of other people who might be struggling, and to take steps to look after their own mental health. 

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