Watch: Patrick Gower asks his boss if he can get stoned on camera

This story was first published in September 2019.

This might be Patrick Gower's bravest moment yet.

After visiting the United States to explore the effects of cannabis legalisation, Newshub's national correspondent has found himself exposed to a bewildering array of cannabis strains, edibles, lotions, waxes and resins.

Now he wants to give cannabis a crack. But first he has to call his boss, Newshub director of news Hal Crawford, and ask if he can try weed.

Confronted by a blank-faced Crawford, Gower tries to ease into the subject.

"I know I said in the beginning of this documentary that it wasn't my intention to consume any cannabis, because I was worried about what it would do for my reputation," Gower says.

"The cannabis scene has evolved and I'm wondering if my position on whether I use cannabis is, um, evolving as well. It's quite normal over here now."

Patrick Gower and his boss, Hal Crawford.
Patrick Gower and his boss, Hal Crawford. Photo credit: Newshub

To prove his point, Gower proudly displays his fresh haul of cannabis buds gifted to him at a cannabis expo.

"I mean, look at this stuff that I got today. This is candy, basically. This has no THC in it. This is purely the CBD. You cannot actually get high…"

Patrick Gower displays his buds.
Patrick Gower displays his buds. Photo credit: Newshub

"Eh. Just let me just stop you there. What's the point of eating it then?" Crawford asks.

"It's viewed as vitamins," Gower replies. "I'm not talking about smoking a joint. I am talking about consuming cannabis in a medical environment. Potentially with a doctor."

"Mmmmm," Crawford replies.

Hal Crawford contemplates his options.
Hal Crawford contemplates his options. Photo credit: Newshub

And after mulling over the decision, he finally gives Gower the go-ahead.

"There would be more of a risk to your reputation if you didn't try it," he says. "Not too much though okay? You're a thoroughbred."

You can watch the full documentary on ThreeNow.