William Waiirua thinks DJ Dillon Francis has stolen his move - and Patrick Gower isn't having it

William Waiirua's dedicated fans have had enough. They want the signature dance move of their "moraale man" trademarked - or at least given some credit where credit is due.

Dillon Francis is one of the biggest music producers and DJs in America. His tracks may already be widely known to a number of New Zealanders - but his latest music video is all too familiar.

In the video and on the stage, Francis, 31, appears to have appropriated Waiirua's signature dance move - a move he has made famous across New Zealand. 

Waiirua, a social media star and music artist, has done the move everywhere - on Dancing with the Stars (in which he came fourth place), at the local BP and even with the police.

Appearing on Monday's episode of The Project, Waiirua and Newshub's National Correspondent Patrick Gower teamed up to get the message across loud and clear - we all love to dance, but it's not okay to steal someone else's moves.

"There's a lot of similarities there, definitely. It's very similar," Waiirua told The Project.

"[The dance] has sort of become famous. It's probably one of the reasons why I was on Dancing with the Stars," he joked.

Although Waiirua hasn't investigated the case of the stolen move personally, he says his fans have been pretty vocal about Francis and his appropriation of the side-to-side hip thrust.

"A lot of my following have said things, and it looks like he's been deleting comments," says Waiirua.

Speaking directly to the camera, Gower addressed Francis and his alleged misappropriation of the move.

"Dillon, you didn't do the Mahi, so you don't get the treats. How much pain does this man here have to endure?" Gower asked as the audience laughed.

"So cease and desist - or at least say it's Willie's dance. And the reason for this is simple - because it matters."