Aaron Paul recaps entire Breaking Bad series in minutes before El Camino premiere

Just ahead of Breaking Bad movie El Camino being released, Aaron Paul has recapped the entire 62 hour series in just under three minutes.

The actor, who plays Jesse Pinkman, carried out the impressive monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Running for five seasons, the acclaimed TV show followed high school teacher Walter White, who became a methamphetamine cook to quickly amass a fortune for his family after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It ended in 2013, meaning there's a six year gap between the show's conclusion and the new film.

"Even the most hardcore fans, I think, need a resfresher before they see El Camino," said Kimmel on his show.

Paul then manages to tell the show's story in two minutes and 49 seconds.

"So, there was a chemistry teacher..." he starts with, before ending with: "...and I drive away in an El Camino, which is also the name of the movie where this all picks up."

In between, Paul talks broadly about the story and peppers it with fan-favourite details like why there was pizza on a roof, Marie Schrader's love of the colour purple and a pink teddy bear's eye.

Following the finale of Breaking Bad, spin-off series Better Call Saul premiered in 2015. It's fifth season will be broadcast in early 2020.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is released on Netflix on Friday.