'Cash Me Outside' girl gets caught inside with beating from Woah Vicky

  • 31/10/2019

Danielle Bregoli, better known as the "cash me outside, how bow dah" girl, has denied being beaten up by fellow internet celebrity Woah Vicky, despite the incident being caught on video.

Bregoli, who raps under the name Bhad Bhabie and is aged 16, has a long-running feud with 19-year-old Woah Vicky, real name Victoria Waldrip.

The footage shows Bregoli lying on her back in what appears to be a recording studio while Waldrip straddles her, both of them pulling each other's hair.

But Bregoli says the fight wasn't fair and the video doesn't show the whole story.

Multiple adult males can be heard and somewhat seen in the video, apparently happy to stand around letting the girls fight and filming it for a while.

Eventually, one of them steps in to break the scrap up and carry Bregoli out of the room, as Waldrip retreats.

Bregoli squeals frantically several times about "getting up and doing this the right way" during the attack to Waldrip, who appears to remain silent.

Later, Bregoli took to her Instagram Story to claim that Waldrip didn't get a clean hit on her and offer her another round of physical combat whenever she'd like.

Danielle Bregoli denies being beaten up by Whoa Vicky, despite video.
Photo credit: Instagram/Danielle Bregoli

"My face stayed untouched [with] not even a lash missing," says Bregoli.

"[One of the men] was holding me, which was why she was able to get on top of me... if extra people are involved and you [didn't] even punch anybody, that isn't a fight baby girl.

"I'm not arguing with people who just want to fight on the internet. You know what studio I'm at - pull up when you're ready."

Waldrip has not replied to Bregoli's taunts, though has posted a clip of the fight to her on Instagram.

Bregoli shot to fame in 2016 after issuing her now infamous catchphrase on a memorable episode of talk show Dr Phil


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