Fly My Pretties on releasing its first studio album after years of live shows

Next week, Fly My Pretties fans can hear some of their favourite tracks in a whole new way - the old-fashioned way.

The legendary live act has taken songs from across their 15-year career and recorded them in a studio for the very first time.

It bucks a trend most bands follow, where they get a few studio albums under their belt first before a live one.

"We thought hey, let's just turn that on its head and give the people a really quality, hi-fi, lush version of some of their favourite songs," band leader Barnaby Weir told Newshub.

Out on October 25, The Studio Recordings Part One contains a mix of the collective's most well-known tracks and other songs they wanted to do justice. 

With six albums worth of songs to choose from, Weir says it was a tricky balancing act.

"It's not like there's worse songs than other songs or anything like that. It's about I guess the variety of genres as well you know? We can't have it all too mellow or all too reggae or all too rocky."

Fans have got to know some of these songs live pretty well over the years - but Weir says these versions show Fly My Pretties at their most refined and relaxed.

"It's 10 to 15 years for some of us. We're better singers, we're better players."

They've still tried to keep that live energy and buzz - just this time, it's closer to how they feel from the stage.

"Instead of it being from out in the audience like our live recordings, you're actually inside the artist's head for the studio recordings. You're actually where they're hearing it themselves," explains Weir.

The 25 musicians worked on-and-off over the course of nine months - still keeping that feeling of a gathering of mates making music together.

"It was a breeze compared to making a new album, where you're really unsure about what you're doing. Whereas we were very confident and sure about the process and the song. We know the song's good, we've got a great band, let's just do it! So you just do four or five takes and just choose one."

Weir says wrangling everyone was easy - once they understood the idea.

"For the label, yeah it was quite hard to get people in, they were like, 'Why are we doing this - we've recorded that already!' but everyone gets the concept now, is proud of their song and knows we just want to put out the best version."

And they've recorded enough for a Part Two out next May. 

Beyond that, Weir says Fly My Pretties will be all caught-up and looking for a new concept.


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